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  • Air Jordan Melo XI(11)-001
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    Air Jordan Melo XI(11) Black Yellow
    At the end of 2014, Cameron Anthony's 11th generation of individual signature shoes released, with the arrival of 2015, Jordan Melo M11 is currently on sale. In addition to the photo of the urban jungle, there are red hook sunset, jordans for cheap family and Christmas color.
    Melo M11 followed by filling in addition to the appearance of the integration of multiple 'M' word design, including the shoe body and Achilles tendon pad are available in a timely manner to help. First, the black parts covered the entire ankle, during the test because there are accidentally stepped on the feet of others and almost capsize, but also because it will reduce the damage.
    As for the tongue can be found in most of the shoes Melo shoes to the main tongue-like, the actual function to cheap jordans for sale fit the ankle front, on the one hand can help fix the feet, plus the heel pad, trinity, Ability to cover.
    The overall performance I will Melo M11 as a pair of your light test may also not experience the performance of its demand for shoes.

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